Overload relays Ex9R

Ex9R thermal overload relays serve to protect motors from overloading. They can be applied either separately with AD5 adapters or in combination with Ex9CS mini contactors or Ex9C contactors. Thermal current is adjustable. The relays are designed with tripping class 10A. Relays are designed as three-phase relays with integrated opening and closing contact.

Size 12 relays can be combined with Ex9CS (Ex9CS06, Ex9CS09, Ex9CS12) mini contactors. For separate use, AD51 adapter can be utilised, which allows conductors to be connected to both device sides, as well as installation onto an instrument bar. Analogically, size 38 is intended for Ex9C contactor sizes 18 and 38 (optional plastic spacer must be used). AD52 adapter serves for independent application. Ex9R100 can be combined with contactor sizes 65 and 100 (with spacer) and with AD53 adapter.

  • Three frame sizes with rated current up to 100 A at 690 V AC-3
  • 3-pole versions
  • Tripping class 10A
  • For direct mounting onto Ex9C(S) contactors series or as a stand-alone device
  • Suitable mainly for motor protection against overload or phase lost
  • Mounting onto connected contactor or onto device rail (DIN) 35 mm by means of AD5. adaptor


Documents Technical parameters
Tested according to IEC/EN 60947-4-1
Rated op. voltage Ue 690 V AC
Tripping Class 10A
Current setting range (per frame size) Ex9R12: 0,1 — 12 A Ex9R38M: 2,5 — 38 A Ex9R100: 23 — 100 A
Tripping treshold 1.14 ± 0.06 x In
Phase failure detection 30 % in a phase
Reset Manual or Auto