Energy meters Ex9EM

Energy Meters Ex9EM are basic meters of electric energy. We provide 6 types with various parameters. Rated current can be fixed or adjustable by Current Transformer. LCD or Mechanical register version is available.

Installation Energy Meters Ex9EM are suitable for residential and industrial applications. The biggest advatage is mounting on DIN rails inside cunsomer units. They will find their use everywhere where it is needed to count consumed energy.

Ex9EM 1P 1M 80A MO MT as only one has Multi-tariff mode and RS485-Modbus communication which can read and display the following variables: kWh, active energy, reactive energy and active power.

  • Basic Energy Meters according to EN 62052-11, EN 62053-21
  • Mounting on DIN rails
  • Operating voltage Ue 230/400 V AC
  • Fixed rated current or adjustable by CT
  • Multi-tariff or 1-tariff versions
  • LCD or Mechanical register
  • 1 or 4-module width versions