Accessories for Ex9M devices

Accessories suitable for Moulded Case Circiut Breakers Ex9M. It is possible to supplement or modify function of basic circuit breaker by installing of suitable accessories.

Circuit breakers can be equipped with auxiliary contacts AX21 (up to 2 units even for M1 frame size) and one unit of signal contact AL21 or early make auxiliary contact EC 2i. AX21 and AL21/EC 2i are mounted into different positions, a use of one type of the contact does not limit a number of the second type. AX21 and AL21/EC 2i can be used regardless the frame size of the circuit breaker.

One unit of undervoltage release UVT2i or one unit of shunt trip relase SHT2i can be installed in the breaker. Different versions for different frame sizes allow to optimise power comsumption of these units.

The circuit breakers can also be equipped with different accesories for operation of the toggle. There are available direct rotary handle, rotary handle with extended shaft e.g. for door coupling and a motor operator.

Mounting of the device onto plate can be done directly with the screws which are included in the scope of delivery. Or in case of M1 and M2 devices there is possibility to use adaptors DRA for mounting onto DIN-rail 35 mm. If there is requested to have placed devices of different frame size side by side, it is possible to use for compensation of differences in height mounting depth spacers WG which assure the same position of front panel towards front plate.

For connection of conductors there are available various types of box and tunnel terminals MC.

  • Auxiliary contacts synchronous with main contacts
  • Signal contacts active on electrical tripping of the circuit breaker (tripping signal contacts)
  • Shunt trip and undervoltage releases
  • Remote operators
  • Rotary handles
  • Connection terminals and covers
  • Mounting depth spacers and adaptors